Information on the Verokampus is a website maintained by the Finnish Tax Administration.

Verokampus is a website created and maintained by the Finnish Tax Administration that provides information on taxes as clearly as possible. The website is aimed at everyone looking for help with understanding taxation. The text content includes links that direct the visitor to the website for more information or to MyTax to manage their taxes.

The website content is particularly aimed at teenagers and young adults. In addition, the website provides basic information on taxation to those who are not yet familiar with the Finnish tax system and its practices. The materials in the section for teachers can be used to teach about taxation.

Tax information

This section has versatile information on handling your taxes, such as information on tax cards or checking tax returns. In addition, the section describes different forms of income and the taxation of different forms of entrepreneurship.

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This section includes examples of several fictional characters and their taxation in different life situations that help with managing your taxes.

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Need help with taxes?

If you did not find the answer to your question on the Verokampus website, read the materials on the website.

The chatbot Virtanen at can help you with matters related to taxes.

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