Task Package 4: Amount of Tax

Goal of the exercises: The exercises help students improve their factfinding and calculation skills. Students can use the content of the “Tax information” section of the Verokampus in these exercises. The content of the “Other income” and “My tax” sections especially help students complete these exercises. The calculation exercises also help students apply the percentage calculation skills they have learned in practice.

Difficulty of the exercises: difficult

Read the Verokampus content and answer the following questions.

  1. Your grandmother gives you €20,000 as a gift. What amount of gift tax do you need to pay?
  2. Your guardian pays for your next month’s rent of €1,200 and groceries of €300. In addition, they give you €3,000 to cover your running costs during the next few months. Previously, your guardian only paid for your first month’s rent (€1,200). How much do you need to pay in taxes?
  3. Use the tax percentage calculator (vero.fi) and the Tax Campus’s example of student Lauri in this exercise. You receive the maximum amount of study grant paid to adults for nine months. In your summer job, you received hourly wages of €13.27. You worked for 40 hours a week, but no wages were paid for the 30-minute lunch break taken each working day. Your summer job started at the beginning of May and continued until the middle of September. Use Helsinki as the municipality of domicile. You are not liable to pay church tax in this exercise.
    1. How much do you need to pay in taxes on your wages and study grant?
    2. What amount of pension and unemployment insurance contributions did you pay from your wages you earned from your summer job?
  4. You sell some of your clothes at €500, a tableware set received from your grandmother at €300, a sofa at €200 and your old moped at €1,300. How much do you need to pay in taxes?