Task Package 5: Entrepreneurship

Goal of the exercises: The exercises help students understand the first steps in setting up a company and identify the reporting and tax obligations related to them. The material and the exercises based on it help students set up their own company. The material offers information especially about the organisations that provide support when setting up a new company.

Difficulty of the exercises: easy/moderate


The Verokampus narrates the stories of five different entrepreneurs and presents their tips for setting up a company. Select the most interesting example, read the text and answer the questions.

  • Income from a hobby: Nora makes clothes, jewellery and decorative items as a hobby, and sells them on her website and in a local boutique. Read Nora’s example.
  • Light entrepreneurship: Max studies website UI design. He decides to become a light entrepreneur who designs websites. Read Max’s example.
  • Setting up a limited liability company: Clarissa is studying to become a chef. She decided to make her dream come true and established a catering business serving Italian food. Read Clarissa’s example.
  • Starting as a self-employer person: Benjamin is self-employed and uses a business name, and just rented a workstation at a local salon. Read Benjamin’s example.
  • Social media influencer: Amira is a part-time influencer who makes advertising content for her partners for a fee negotiated by her. Read Amira’s example.

Based on the text you selected, answer the following questions by writing down your answers or discussing the texts in small groups:

  • What does it take to start as a self-employed person or set up a company?
  • What tax matters are related to the type of entrepreneurship in question?
  • What sounds attractive to you in the type of entrepreneurship described in the example? What seems challenging?

What kind of a company would you set up?