Task Package 2: Finnish tax system

Goal of the exercises: the exercises help students learn about the tax system and identify the parties it involves as part of Finnish society.

Difficulty of the exercises: moderate

Students start by reading the ‘How does the Finnish tax system work?’ section in the Verokampus.

The students can discuss the following themes in small groups:

  • How can taxation and the amount of taxes be affected in Finland? Is it easy to affect taxation?
  • Identify the rate of municipal income tax in your municipality.
  • What is the income limit for having to pay municipal income tax in your home municipality or town?
  • Discuss the role of the Finnish Tax Administration as part of Finnish society. What role has the Finnish Tax Administration played in your life? Is the Finnish Tax Administration’s role in the tax system clear?

Finally, you can discuss the thoughts of each small group together so that each group mentions one idea or answer they talked about regarding each question.