Amira is a part-time social media influencer in addition to her studies. She has used social media services professionally since 2022. Amira originally got into social media influencing when she studied fashion design at a university of applied sciences. Her studies combined her previous interest in fashion in a whole new way with a better understanding of the clothing industry.

At first, Instagram was the most important channel for Amira. However, she reached her largest audiences on TikTok. To Amira’s surprise, only a few TikTok videos were enough to register a huge number of views. Her group of followers increased, and soon Amira found herself as an attractive social media influencer in the eyes of advertisers and partners.

Various advertisers and partners give Amira occasional products and gift cards. In addition, she produces pre-agreed advertising videos for her partners for which she receives a negotiated amount in compensation.

The advertising income and the fair values of products and gift cards are taxable earned income for Amira. The fair value is the same as the price of a product or gift card at a store. However, no tax needs to be paid on regular product samples worth less than €50 or products carrying a company logo. Exceptions include products which a company has given in payment for pre-agreed visibility on social media: products received as such compensation are always taxable income, even if they were furnished with logos. Amira maintains records of all the products she has received and checks the pre-completed tax return in great detail each spring. If certain income or products are not included in the pre-completed tax return, Amira declares them herself.

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Amira can deduct the expenses arising from social media influencing in her taxation as expenses for the production of income. Such expenses include new video equipment and Amira’s office expenses.

Amira’s checklist

  • Maintain records of your income and expenses. Also remember to enter any products received as income.
  • Check that income has been entered correctly in the pre-completed tax return.
  • If required, complete and correct the pre-completed tax return in the MyTax service.
  • Keep receipts and vouchers for at least three years after the end of the relevant year.


Social media influencer Amira has amassed a large audience on TikTok. She receives advertising income from partnership videos, plus products and gift cards from various companies. All of these, including the values of products and gift cards, are taxable earned income. Every year, Amira checks her pre-completed tax return and, if required, declares any income not included in her tax return in the MyTax service. Amira can deduct expenses associated with social media influencing in her taxation, including the costs of video equipment and her office. 

Maintain accurate records of your income and expenses, consider any products received and their values, check the tax return in great detail, and keep receipts and vouchers for at least three years.