Lauri, aged 19 years, studies marketing at a university of applied sciences. He also works at a clothes store from time to time. He receives both wages and a study grant.

Lauri needs a new tax card for his job. The tax card request can be submitted in the MyTax service. For the request, Lauri needs the following information:

  • an estimate of wage income for the rest of the year; and
  • information about his study grant and its monthly amount.

Lauri’s income he has already received during the year is shown in MyTax: his employer and Kela have submitted the data to the Incomes Register from which the Finnish Tax Administration has obtained the data. Lauri can use this data in the request or declare his income himself. In addition, he needs to estimate his income for the rest of the year or his total income for the whole year. If Lauri only receives a small amount in wages in addition to his study grant, not much needs to be paid in taxes, and the tax rate indicated in his tax card can be low.

Lauri sends the new tax card to his employer a couple of weeks before the next payday. If Lauri had not sent any tax card to his employer, the employer would have had to withhold 60% from wages in taxes.

Lauri’s checklist:

  • A tax card does not need to be sent to Kela for study grant payments.
  • When requesting a tax card for wages, note the study grant in addition to wages.
  • Send the tax card to the employer well before the payday.